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Puglia has charmed its way to the top of many travel bucket lists and with reason. The beautiful coastline, excellent food and historical heritage make this a destination not to miss. Salento refers to the southern area of Puglia, a peninsula between two seas, the Adriatic and the Ionian, with wonderful beaches and treasures to discover inland.

Brindisi is the nearest airport, but you could also fly into Bari and then rent a car, which you might want to do anyway - it’s the best way to get around!


This really comes down to what you prefer, but these are the main urban centers in Salento. Each one has its own distinct identity, but they’re all equally stunning.


This elegant town is often referred to as the “Florence of the South” and if you stroll along its Baroque alleys, lined with palazzos with decadent facades you’ll understand why. The town’s unique mix of culture, architecture and dolce vita will enchant you for sure.


Is located on the Ionian coast, characterized by white dunes and clear sea. The old town centre sits on a tiny island connected to the mainland by a 17th century bridge. The coast of Gallipoli has long beaches where you can also take beautiful walks.


The coastal wonderland

Santa Maria di Leuca sits on the southernmost tip of the Salento peninsula where the waters of the Adriatic Sea mingle and merge with those of the Ionian. Santa Maria di Leuca to Otranto is considered to be one of the most beautiful panoramic drives in Italy. Consists of following the famous Strada Provinciale 358 delle Terme Salentine (SP 358) heading North. This stunning road runs along the eastern coast of the peninsula, it’s very easy to navigate and offers breathtaking views over the wide-open Adriatic sea, all year round. Some places to stop by are: Castro, where you will find the stunningly beautiful Zinzulusa cave, the small village Santa Cesarea Terme and the lighthouse “Faro della Palascia”, the most easterly point of the Italian mainland.

Santa Maria di Leuca

Santa Cesarea Terme

Faro Della Palascia


A beautiful town lapped by turquoise sea, with ancient walls and castle as well as a romantic promenade. Its vibrant restaurant scene is also another reason for visiting this charming town.

THE BEACHES This is what Salento is famous for! Here you’ll find some of the finest beaches you’ve ever seen. Think long stretches of white sand, imposing cliffs and turquoise sea. Punta Pizzo,Punta Prosciutto, Porto Cesareo and Pescoluse are only a few of many amazing beaches you can find here.

Punta Pizzo

Punta Prosciutto


MAYBE SOME TREKKING Relaxing at the beach isn’t the only thing you can do in Salento. There are plenty of trails you can explore on foot or by bike, and the best thing is the inviting deep blue sea waiting for you, a refreshing end to your trek! The Canale delle Menghe, Porto Selvaggio o Punta Palascia, for example, are great itineraries in this area.

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